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Wish list for the WordPress Support Forums software

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  1. Wish list for the WordPress Support Forums software
    To the hardworking programmers responsible for maintaining the forum software, I respectfully submit this wish list of changes that could certainly improve the life of your average forum volunteer. It's a long list, but if only one thing could be changed, please see #1--fix it and send me the bill, please!

    My wishes for Your Profile:
    1. That the Recent Replies under "View your profile" could be sorted, descending, by the time of the last comment. This has plagued forum addicts for years, has been requested forever, and is a major impediment to keeping up with threads. These previous wp-forums posts might explain better:

    2. That the Threads Started column worked, and that those topics would display in both Recent Replies and Threads Started.

    My wishes for Search:
    3. That the search results could be sorted by time, or last commenter, or topic id, or title, ascending or descending.
    4. That search results could be filtered by original author, or last commenter, or date, or forum (e.g. Installation).
    5. That the search field at the top right of the forum screen worked correctly (e.g. paste 'Warning: Division by zero', click on Go, and get the message "We couldn't find anything!", but then immediately click the presented Search button and it finds results).

    My wishes for Tags:
    6. That the forum tag field allowed the same number of characters as the tag field that gets created when a post is originated at extend/plugins.
    7. That a suitable tag could link to Trac (e.g. tracxxxx where xxxx is the Trac ticket number).
    8. That tags for themes linked to the appropriate extend/theme (like plugins).

    My wishes for posting:
    9. That a post could be previewed before being committed.
    10. That the post quicktags were available when 'editing' a post.
    11. That the Version pulldown box was more current.
    12. That the Version field was able to be corrected.
    13. That there was some way to decrease the number of duplicate posts caused by people not understanding that their post are being held "somewhere".

    My wish for Forums:
    14. That the list of topics, in each forum, and All Topics, displayed the name of the first, and last, commenter.

    Thank you, kind people, for listening!


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